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Morning Motivation

Oct 27, 2021

Rejuvenation time is productive time

A Life Full Of Happiness by MusicLFiles

Oct 26, 2021

Take a moment to count your blessings

Romance by Rafael Krux

Oct 25, 2021

You must be all in or all out. This isn't a burn the boats thing.

It's not the "all in" that's so important. It's the "all out" part. When you take a break or a pause, you need to go all in on going all out. You need to rest in a way that really recharges you.

Music credit:
Metal Interlude by Alexander Nakarada

Oct 24, 2021

In today's Sunday update, we talk about the upcoming Power5 Podcast (which will be AWESOME), getting focused, taking time to rest and plan, a funny story of arrogance, and the importance of taking your wins.

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Oct 23, 2021

You owe nothing to detractors

Deathmatch by Sascha EndeĀ®